Flakfortet workshop 2016

The next KONNECT workshop will be hosted by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK). The workshop will take place on Flakfortet on February 12-15 2016.

The workshop will be a part of the module “Design Ethics Sustainability and Consequences”, a six week course offered by the KADK. The course starts with two weeks of lectures, followed by the 4-day workshop. After the workshop at Flakfortet, the Konnect Group will take part in a reflection and guidance group for the next four weeks, and finish their projects by presenting a concept description and prototype/mock-up. The results will be exhibited at the school in a public exhibition together with other products from the course, from March 11 until May 8th 2016.

Flakfortet is a sea fort located on a low lying artificially built island of Saltholmreb, in Øresund. The location is chosen with reference to threats posed on islands and coastal regions by the impending sea level rise resulting from global warming.

Two KONNECT partners from the KADK, lecturer Peter Dammand and student Belinda Rasmussen, took part in the KONNECT Workshop1 in Iceland in September 2015. In turn, two representatives of KONNECT Workshop3, to be held in Helsinki in the autumn, will take part in the this one. Thus the KONNECT spirit is transferred from one workshop to the next.