Konnect in Iceland 2015

The first KONNECT workshop was held in Iceland in September 2015. 16 students from the Art Academy and 4 from the Environment and Natural Resources Program of the University of Iceland gathered with a selection of mentors in the farmstead Kolstaðir in Hvítársíða. L1070454

The farm is beautifully located on the edge of the desert mountainland, overlooking glaciers, lavafields, rivers, birchwoods and grasing fields. It offers prime opportunities for working in groups of various sizes inside or outdoors.L1070492

The workshop was preceded by introductory lectures and discussions on current issues of main environmental concerns, based on the Planetary boundaries model.


The work at Kolstaðir started with a lecture and group discussions, after which the students drifted into groups and proceeded to decide which environmental challenges to tackle. In the following days, the ideas were developed, projects formed and introduced to the group. The group work was interspersed with plenary sessions with introductions on art in public spaces, philosophy, public engagement in environmental causes, and environmental footprints.


On the last day the students presented their project ideas to the entire group. The students then had 2 weeks to prepare a proposal to apply for production funding.


More pictures from the workshop