Konnect in Flakfortet 2016

The second KONNECT workshop was held in Flakfortet, a tiny island just off Copenhagen, on February 12-15.




16 students from the KADK and 6 mentors took part in intensive sessions that centred around connecting art and design with environmental sciences.

The students come from various departments of design, and among them were also visiting students from other countries as well as from Bornholm (see list below). The workshop was lead by Peter Dammand of the KADK, and other mentors included Johan Carlsson from the KADK, Diego Galafassi from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Kira O´Reilly and Ulrika Ferm from UniArts Helsinki, Tinna Gunnarsdóttir from the Iceland Academy of Arts and Guðrún Pétursdóttir from the Institute for Sustainability Studies, University of Iceland, who coordinates KONNECT.




During the workshop, the students went through a series of exercises and discussions that contributed to their formulation of a project or product that they will develop further in the weeks to come.


Outdoor as well as indoor activities in the almost surreal environment of Flakfortet contributed to a unique atmosphere, that fostered bonding and trust within the group.

 IMG_0898 (2)

Students that took part in KONNECT Workshop2:

Commenication design

Dor Amitai, doramitai1@gmail.com

Dorte Gottlieb Löfström, dolo1349@edu.kadk.dk


Fashion Design

Anna Jelizarjeva, anje1578@edu.kadk.dk


Furniture Design

Anna Klara Oxholm Iversen, aniv1455@edu.kadk.dk

Monica Fie Stemann Nielsen, moni1421@edu.kadk.dk


Textile Design

Mimi Ravn, mira1491@edu.kadk.dk

Lisbeth Dam ligeledes@gmail.com

Agnete Beierholm, agnetebeierholm@gmail.com

Ida Bank Blichfeld, idbl1413@edu.kadk.dk


Industrial Design and Ceramic Form

Sanne Juel Bøckhaus, sabo1358@edu.kadk.dk


Spatial Design

Thomas Bugge, (Visholm), sonbugo@gmail.com

Julie bjærg Raith , jura1437@edu.kadk.dk

Jonatan Hultgren, johu1622@edu.kadk.dk; mr.jonathan@gmail.com

Katarina Mülke, k.muelke@muthesius.de

Petar Pilipovic, petarpilip1@gmail.com


Ceramics and Glass Design, Bornholm

Aviaja Troelsen, aviajat@gmail.com

Siri Emilie Maltha Müller sirimaltha@gmail.com

Matilde Ida Emely De Lucca, made1426@edu.kadk.dk


More pictures from the workshop